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Our Services

J.M. Bateman Property Management services have years of experience of providing support to the business community, having supplied skilled electricians, plumbers and most other staff to small business and Government agencies.

These clients include local authorities, private companies and other high profile business organisations, for example:

J.M. Bateman Property Management
  • Local Authority
  • Priory Business Properties Limited
  • Town Hall Refurbishment
  • Health Centre Development
    J.M. Bateman Property Management

    These services include the appointment of an experienced, dedicated Property Manager who will take specific responsibility for your property. Your Property Manager receives backup from our Property Maintenance Co-ordinator who is responsible for the day-to-day liaison with contractors.

    We also offer a range of optional services tailored specifically to your needs. We will discuss with you the necessity and benefits of these various options, and help you decide which, if any, to select.

    J.M Bateman.  Main Block, Priory Business Park, Wentworth Terrace, Fitzwilliam.  WF9 5BZ.  Tel: 01977 610463.  Mobile: 07951 054083.
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